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Oh my goodness...I want to cry...

Wow...wow man. Incredibly impressive. Much of my piano work doesn't even compare to the drama shown in this baby. Seriously, this is a phenomenal and wonderfully sorrowful piece.

Positives are overwhelming. Love, love, love, love, love, that's five loves, the dynamics. Your dynamics essentially make all of your songs. Just marvelous. Also, I love how you pick i up a bit around 31 seconds which adds a lot of character to your song and then slowing it back down...wow. Agree, agree, agree with Lord Vehemence on bass. The bass complements the song very well. Not overpowering and very strong with the strings. Like the story you wrote down as well.

Now the few nit picking negatives. You have an excellent talent for dynamics. I would love to see it used in some more varied work! It seems most of the songs I have listened to have been slower sadder songs. Also, a higher strings counter melody would be a wonder to hear near the middle where the piano is going much crazier.

But, that's beating around the bush man. Overall, terrific. I am crying tears of joy for this masterpiece of loop. ='D

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BlazingDragon responds:

That is a lot of love in the dynamics department! :O I'm ecstatic to find that there is actually a person who notices such subtleties. The bass was probably my favorite part to compose on this song, as it added a whole new character to the piece. Glad to know you liked that, and thank you for the compliment on the story! I've always considered myself more so a musician than a writer, but I love to write here and there.

I agree that I need to vary my work. I've composed sad songs for so long that I have a difficult time breaking the mold. With more "happy" songs, I have a hard time coming up with anything that isn't overly cliché. I'm working on more upbeat songs, though. I like the idea of using a strings countermelody! I first need to find decent free string samples. The one I used is slower and unfit for melodic lines. :(

Thank you for the awesome review! It is very inspiring to get reviews like this.


Hell Yea, Aqua Planet!!

Alright man!! I love sonic covers of all shapes and sizes, sonic is the shit dude. So good pick. And your melody work was excellent. Love the strings jammin' out up there so good work with that. I also really like the jazzy feel, haha! So good work addin' that in as well, very impressive.

But, there were a few problems for me. One is your drum loop is never changing, I'd say work on changing with the different themes of the song. And it doesn't have to change that much, just a little bit. You've gotta keep the interest in your drums or else you've gotta turn 'em down. I'd say turn the drums hit rate down all together, they seem to overpower a little bit. Also, you should throw a strong acoustic jazz bass in here. Now then you'd be going somewhere. That would make this an excellent jazzy cover of Sonic!!

Good idea man, can't wait to hear your next work. =)

BowserThedestructive responds:

um sorry but it cannot it is of the orignal song drums and the drums are not loops they are from real drums sampled through being the same notes of the orignal
I do not change the orignals that much EXCEPT for being i reinstrumentize them

Koji, you are legend in my book.

Man, the simplicity of this combined with the catchy melodies and a powerful percussion part is a testament to true genius. Very, very well done Koji. You have outdone yourself with this piece. =) You've really created a happy mystery feel of trudging through an almost magical, unknown, but not scary world.

So, I love the new melody. Love it. And I really like how you transition to it, it adds a lot to the whole piece. The countermelody is great too except for just about a few notes. I love the mystery sound it gives to it, but at times it sounds a bit too dissonant for it's own good, but you are talking to a great fan of dissonance here, and overall I very, very much like it. I also think you may have wanted to change your drum part up just a bit under the new melody, but it still sounds great.

All in all excellent job! Extremely impressive and I would love to check out your visual novel when you are finished. =) Also, what are the instruments you use when you created this? Like what programs?

Incredible work! =)

Koji98 responds:

I use FL Studio and a VST called EDITROL Orchestra or EDIROL Orchestra, I forget, but something on those lines. I got it from a friend of mine, so I'm not too sure where to find it. Maybe isohunt or another torrent site.

Somewhere in the dark zone between leading tone and tonic you will find Ultratonic. The moonlight and dark side of the performer Pauli the Third, he is here to bring you the best his wonderful laptop can, maybe even in German. Be prepared.

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